Someone like you: a Christmas story


Twas the night of our first date and all through the house 

My girl friends were swirling

Dressing me in red sparkles, velvet and that sexy black blouse.

My Man – Van Morrison – on the stereo, “Someone Like You” – painting the air

with sweet dreams of this man and a Christmas affair?

He arrived on the dot with a bouquet of mistletoe

and a lovely bottle of chilled Veuve Cliquot.

Mr Poetry and Writers, studied my bookshelf while

I cracked open the bubbly- he stared, nodding, and smiled:

“Wow, Didion! Wow, Welty, Uris, Allende, Raymond Carver, too! Theres Connelly, Coelho, Gaiman, – says a lot about you- “an over -Cheever.”

And that was the beginning of a happy Christmas

and very good night!



The Double Dare: Use Two Words   Bookshelf and cracked -name a favorite SongIMG_1548

Final Trio

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