JDate: Please release me, let me go!

 bad photos12

JDate: The Jewish dating site – like flypaper – but worse – won’t let you leave the site.

The Yoga Babes – a group of San Francisco women (mostly 50+, mostly single, lively and opinionated) were trying to be kind. They all agreed: JDate is impossible – and not in a good way.

They said the Jewish dating site was like the stickiest flypaper.

 Beware the hassle of JDATE

Madison, said last May, she thought it might be fun to try JDATE. She made up a fake name, a fake birthdate, put in fictional height/ weight/ city and put it on her online-dating-specific Gmail account. She didn’t post a photograph or write a word about herself and got distracted. And she forgot about it.

 A week later, there were 34 e-mails from the company with “Perfect Matches.” Oy!

 Put off by the avalanche of attention based on nothing, she deleted all the e-mails.

 And then it began- her experience in the eight rings of hell of Jdate. Not a rocket scientist, but a biologist at Genentech, she thought it would be a cinch to cease and desist.

“Oh, no you don’t!” says JDate. “You’re not leaving the party.” Every day, more emails.

 After deleting the e-mails, she checked Terms of Service– which put her right back to e-mails; there is no Customer Service to contact, there is no Membership contact, everything feeds right back to the exact same page which is a dead-end and coerces the less informed to sign up or put up. 

 Nightmare on JDate Street

 You can spend hours Googling “How to quit JDate” – the nefarious dating site has covered those bases- there is no exit. You can’t get there from here.imagesign

 Gator20081017A Steady Diet Of Spam – Madison dunned every email – and dubbed it Spam…

Tenacious an tedious JDate finally disappeared into the depths…

Tell me your Online Dating at 50 Story: page.larkin@gmail.com


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2 Responses to JDate: Please release me, let me go!

  1. mjmsprt40 says:

    Be there a decent online dating site that isn’t a nightmare? Well, be there?
    Not that I’ve heard so far.

    • Pl says:

      Dating sites?
      Certainly! There are a number of reputable sites…it takes time and tenacity and a modicum of serendipity! Have fun!

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