The king of first dates- from no mojo to: put me in, coach

Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps

Kevin: The King of Coffee Dates
Kevin got so good at ‘coffee dates’ that he knew exactly at which coffee house to meet – in which ZIP code. He liked The Book Depot in Mill Valley, Peet’s on Fourth Street in Berkeley, Rigolo in Laurel Village, and Cafe Verde in Corte Madera.

He steered clear from Blue Bottle Coffee – it took too long for one cup to be brewed and twice what he wanted to pay for a cup of coffee.

Eventually, he developed a default to any ‘La Boulange’ in San Francisco. He was getting so successful at first dates, on weekends he booked a three dates in one day. However, nothing “panned out.” He was coming up empty…Kevin would meet anyone ( any age, any city) for coffee. He was lacking discernment and was like the steel ball in a pinball machine – bouncing off the walls – no direction – no goals – no vision. He had been away from the Dating Game for so long – he was pretty

You Need a Coach? Who are you going to call?

Two of Kevin’s friends suggest he give me a call – to see if we could work together. In light of his egregious dating record, was there hope that we could we improve his dating chances? What are the odds?

Expect Miracles? Within a week of our first meeting, Kevin  agreed to switch dating sites; we updated and improved his online photos (NOTE: No Selfies. Ever) We spent awhile talking about what made him happy, where he liked to go, his favorite movies, books, plays, teams, sports, heroes. Together we created an online dating profile that complimented and captured his true, sweet self.

No Sweat? We looked at Kevin’s designated “dating clothes” and tossed a few dated, old shirts and donated every pair of sweat pants in his closet. (NOTE: No sweat pants. Ever) The faded and frayed Izod sweaters – not cool – had to go. Kevin was ready, willing and able to invest in cool pair of jeans- and toss the funky old saggy, baggy pants of yore.

In no time, his closet was purged, polished and updated. Next, we made an appointment at Jackson Place Salon with Liz – the genius, for a real haircut – the SuperCuts look wasnt making it. He looked 100% better.

Kevin wears “readers”- many of us do. However, that Ben Franklin look with glasses perched on the end of your nose? Not a good look – in this century.   “Readers in San Rafael” has hundreds of pairs of cool, hip, fun – we tossed the Captain Kangaroo specs and got hip in under $20 and in 20 minutes.

In a short period of time, Kevin looked younger, hipper, healthier. He admitted he felt better – and better-looking.

His updated, improved online profile was much more alluring and interesting. After a little soul-searching- his “verbs” went from a couch potato motif  to more dynamic.

Tomorrow: Meanwhile, back at the computer: dating homework


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