Olive Kitteridge: I’m just wild about Henry and Henry is wild about…

heart-701111__180Yea! The 2015 Emmys Love Olive

I’m just wild about Henry and Henry is wild about:

Olive Kitteridge, by Elizabeth Strout, won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and was a worldwide Book Club favorite. It flew off the bookstore shelves and became a “You have to read this” book.

 Both men and women loved the complicated, taciturn, Maine-iac, Olive. The book’s characters and the unique construct of the story (could each chapter stand alone?) intrigued readers.

Last month, HBO released the two-part series, Olive Kitteridge, with the off-the charts-talented, Frances McDormand as Olive  the twisted character you, initially, love to hate.

Henry, Thou Swell 

Olive is married to the world’s most wonderful husband, Henry, played by Richard Jenkins. Henry is sweet, thoughtful, kind, patient, understanding and generous…while Olive is caustic, ill tempered and abrupt. Nevertheless, Henry stands by her side.

Richard.Jenkins_Henry Ask any book club, yoga group, prayer group, Zumba babes – heck, ask any women in line at Safeway and mention ‘Henry and Olive’ and expect a gush of praise and a swoon over dear-darling-Henry.

Boys, take a page from Henry – not nominated for saint – but, note that women of all ages, are gaga over the devoted, dreamy, kind, sweet, Henry. What’s up with that?

Read the book.




The 2015 Emmys: See this List of Winners!



See: Richard Jenkins: Flirting with Disaster and see Frances McDormand in Almost Famous on Netflix 

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