Frank comments from a single man and Sally S from Sausalito

cropped-sgbay__20060705-3.jpgHey Larkin,

It’s not all peaches and cream-this dating at 50-60+, sweetheart.

I’ve been on Match, eHarmony, OKCupid, and met a lot of women who have had a lot of work done on their faces-not their hearts. Some women I’ve met, cut to the chase and want to know how much money I make, if I own my house, and why I drive a truck.

Four words come to mind: None of Your Business.

Tell The Ladies: don’t interview the guy. Just go on a date and we can learn about each other in good time.

The little old winemaker in Napa

Hey, The little old winemaker in Napa,

You are right! It’s a dance-and we all need to be more gracious and less avaricious and aggressive.  For the Record: Women also complain about guys asking their height, weight, their income, and other personal questions on the very first date.

Four words come to mind…And, hey, Frank- I just have to say – your Cabernet and Pinot Noirs are phenomenal!

Peace and love,

Page Larkin


Dear Ms. Larkin,

I am a 75, healthy, happy, vibrant and energetic single woman. I teach yoga, hike two miles a day  and I really like men.  I have a bit of advice.

Tell men: The four things women don’t want to hear about on a first date:

  1.  Do not review your list of prescription drugs
  2.  Don’t bore me with your list of ailments, illnesses and allergies. And, I Don’t want to hear about any operations.
  3. Don’t talk about your divorce or colonoscopy; to me, they are the same.
  4. Do not brag about how handsome, wonderful, rich, sexual you used to be. That ship has sailed.

Thanks! I feel better.

Sally S. in Sausalito

Dear Sally,

Consider it done! Thank you for the pearls..

Peace and love,

Page Larkin

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