Dating 101: To tell the truth? Age, weight, height?


Susie was livid.

No one told her she would have to reveal her height, weight, age, and income to total strangers. Men Strangers – from all over the United States.

She just wanted to meet a guy in San Francisco- preferably within a 10-mile radius.

Hearing about all the fun her single friends were having on Plenty of Fish and Match and OurTime she decided to “Go for it.”

The Fine Print

Right out of the box, she had to fill out a questionnaire and write mini-essays. Not a problem – she was a writer and banged out clever and pithy answers. He better like pithy, she thought…

She had been a Jack Benny “39” for so long – she forgot (kind of) her real age. And, she was supposed to reveal her income? What kind of dating service was this?

She claimed even her closest friends didn’t know those things. They knew she had a lot of interests, read best-sellers, did Tai Chi, was a published author, who had of her own business- which hit the skids for one year and gracefully resurrected, but no one asked her about her financial stability or income.

 Polite Society

Her employees, book club and  wine club pals never ever asked about her religious beliefs. She was a ‘Church-hopper’ – Glide Memorial once in awhile, Grace Cathedral for Thursday Evensong, Taize at Trinity and “St. Mary’s of the Maytag” for special events. She “liked” temple.

No one asked her: Questions about her age (58)  weight (130) height (5’8)/ or stats about her finances or whether she was religious. Was it really relevant?  Shethinks not.

And now, she’s going to advertise to strangers?

 No Way – No How – Never Ever

After reluctantly  filling out the various questions and downloading pictures – Susie pulled the plug.  It wasn’t right.  She shunned the idea of signing up with dating one of the Big Five Dating companies.

She looked into the va-va voom blonde  Marin-Matchmaker-mother-daughter team. Evidently, they charged thousands of dollars for a single date and the plethora of caustic online reviews  made the “Dating Service”  very questionable, at best. Next.

 Meet Me on a Walking Tour

Susie decided to sign up for Stairway Walks of San Francisco  and the Sierra Club Singles. Quelle surprise – no one asked her, “Are you 5’8 or 5’10?” Nor did they inquire about the money she made whether she was Christian or spiritual-not-religious. Period.

She met nice people, had fun, and made friends.  And then she met Donald in San Mateo…While well beyond her 10-mile boundary… and well beyond her wildest expectations.

Happily everafter. Yes, Cinderella , it happens.

happy woman


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2 Responses to Dating 101: To tell the truth? Age, weight, height?

  1. Pl says:

    Triple 6’s…Thanks for your point of view! Very insightful…and many people will learn from your candid comments.

  2. Pl says:

    Reblogged this on Suddenly Single in Marin and commented:

    Slow down! Age, Weight and Height…really?

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