Can Football and Fantasy be used in the same sentence?

imagesCan Fantasy and Football be used in the same sentence?

footballIt’s back. Football season has started and for some (men) it is a fantasy – for others (women) a nightmare.

If ever there was a ‘control issue’ it has to be – not remote – but thriving in living rooms, dens, family rooms across America. The great debate continues: how many hours can a guy watch football on TV every weekend? This is a trick question. Go ahead: consult your tea-leaves, the phone tree, and your oracle at Delphi. Call your psychic. There is no concrete answer. Some say, as long as there is a football game on TV– men will watch. Others refine their football viewing to specific teams.

Hey, boys… there is a reason a woman invented TIVO.

Ladies, football is a tough act to follow. Take it from me, this is the one time you can try to make a pass at your beau, you can allude to a ‘touchdown’ or “hang time” As long as he has his 3R’s: Recliner, Refrigerator, Remote Control and football, include him out. You are merely interference and an encroachment.


If you are like many American women – you’ve tried to make a pass, you scramble for his affection. Darn, false start.

You’ve given him a two-minute warning, No response. You’ve felt rejected, dejected and down-and-out. You’ve even gone so far as to make a second very forward pass. You want to play and he wants to watch.

Men and football…best advice: ladies, understand: You don’t have the home- field advantage. You can easily and quickly learn to enjoy the game or enjoy some hang time with other football widows. Get your backfield in motion, say a Hail Mary and roll out and go shopping for yardage, Feeling creative? Get in the spirit of things and make a red shirt. That’s code. Code for pursue your own fantasy and play.

Go see a chick flick, go for a jog, a hike, grab the kayak, take the dog to the dog park and have fun.   He’ll be yours after the game.


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