Can a small town girl meet a great guy? The first step


Take the first step…

Cathy: 53, divorced, two kids launched, decided to start looking for her ‘Date for Life.’ No more speed- dating or redundant coffee dates or hiking buddies – she wanted a relationship.

One small drawback: Geography?

She lives in a very, very, small town nestled in the redwoods in Northern California. A writer and an English major who loves the Pacific Northwest and the Arts, she subscribes to the New York Review of Books. Last year – a little lonely and fuelled by one too many espressos- she decided try the NYRB Personal Ads.

For months, she had been amused and intrigued by the ads and – in a C’est le guerre kind of mood – she crafted a succinct and attractive ad.

$5.00 will buy you one word

Cathy ponied up $150 for a well-crafted, 30-word ad and sat back. Who would respond? David in Brooklyn or Donald in New Haven? John E-Be-Good in San Francisco?

The ad ran for one week and produced one, single, beguiling response from ‘John M. D.’

Stranger than fiction

Quelle surprise: John M D lived 15 miles away. He, too read the New York Review of Books and was intrigued by Cathy’s well-written 30-word ad. They met for the first time, they clicked, and have been together ever since. It happens.

Dare to write your Personal Ad?  Avoid dangling your participles.

When you are paying a hefty $5 per word for a Personals Ad, one tends to choose their nouns carefully. On the other hand, if you are writing a Craigslist ad – free of charge – you might be a little less discreet about your word choice and message. Who said, “You get what you pay for?”

Why not try a 7-Day Free Online Dating offer? Seriously check out an join a Group (see: hiking, biking wine-tasting, dancing, music, film-lovers, Mount Tam Wednesday Walkers) …Give it a try!

Page Larkin’s Rules of the Day

Stop complaining that all the good ones are taken.

Start smiling more and talking to people – talk to strangers. Everyday.

So what if you live in a small town? Open your eyes, open your heart and you will meet ‘people.’

Go outside and play.

Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk


What do you say?

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