Oh! San Rafael! Oh! San Rafael, where the h*** is San Rafael?

“The San Rafael Song”


The Domincan College Fight Song

(It used to be a college and ‘No Boys Allowed’ was the sad truth…)

Once upon a time – the strident hazing of Freshmen Girls at Dominican consisted of learning the above referenced lyrics and  attending a Mixer at (choose your poison) USF or St. Mary’s College (located in a rural community called Moraga)

san rafael30


However, San Rafael will be wild this weekend!

Liquake is crossing the Bridge and San Raf will be teeming with literati, writers, readers, poets, bloggers, wanna be writers and fans – fan boys and fan girls.

A little something called the 37th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival will have people lining up in front of the Rafael Theater – many to see Dave Iverson’s outstanding film called, Capturing Grace. Bravo!

brifhe-29Welcome to San Rafael:

Let the

LITQUAKE Party Begin!


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