Where to Meet Women in Marin: This Week

Fact: Women flock to the Mill Valley Film Festival

Volunteer – or (appear) at the Will Call Desk at the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce

Swarms of happy, single, women appear an hour before every film. Then they stand in line – jostling and jolly and happy to be seeing the 5@5, the Frank Zappa movie- or Capturing Grace, Clouds of Sils Maria. (see: Mill Valley Film Festival)


Johnn, the prince of Volunteers, smiles and greets, each woman who approaches his Will Call station with a smile- he  asks for their last name, comments on their pretty necklace, ring, bacelet, shoes and smiles.

If time allows, he asks about the film. He is friendly. Women love friendly.

He encourages all to come back and tell him how they liked the movie. Many do – women like to talk about movies.

Talk to Strangers: It works

As he sits behind the Will Call Desk (any desk will do: Information, Free Maps, the very cool Fred Water booth) every time Johnn sees a single woman walk by – he says “Hi, how is it going?”

He is friendly and speaks to strangers. Try that five times a day. You, too will meet other singles.

He says he meets more “lovely, single women” as a volunteer than anywhere else.



 “I love to flirt, and I’ve never met a man I didn’t like.”     Dolly Parton

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