Flirting 101: Taking the “Hi” road

Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk

Last  Thursday, I was walking down Fourth Street in San Rafael

    A man in jeans, a white T-shirt and running shoes was walking ahead of me.

It was a beautiful day and swarms of people were on the street. I noticed that practically every person this guy passed smiled and said ‘hey’ to  him.

I knew it was not Mill Valley Film Festival Guru and Sweetheart, Mark Fishkin, the guy was too short. I knew it wasn’t  Sean Penn, he’s too tall.  Consistently, almost every single man or woman either smiles, nods, laughs and says’ hi’ to this guy.

In my wildest imagination, I couldn’t fathom who he was or what he was doing to garner so much attention.

I picked up my pace a bit so we both were stopped at the red light. I nonchalantly looked over at him. Now even more than curious to see who this celebrity could be. He looked like any other good-looking, Irish-Catholic, healthy, handsome fireman guy.

kiss The Magic T-shirt

However, he was wearing a “Magic T-shirt.” His shirt was emblazoned with three words in varying fonts, color and sizes. The words on the front of his shirt were “Hi” “hey” and “hello.”

I had to laugh – and say hey.


Epiphany time : Do You want to meet people?

Call me prescient: All you have to do is: say ‘hello,’ hey’ or ‘hi.’ I guarantee you will meet singles everywhere.

Yes, Kids! – You can make that T-shirt – this afternoon!

For more info: see my Top Ten Places To meet Men in Marin


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  1. Pl says:

    Reblogged this on Suddenly Single in Marin and commented:

    …Would it hurt you to say ‘Hello?” Smile, Already!

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