How to get a date? Get up and get out of the house

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Dream on and Dream Big

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Live the life you imagined.”

                                                              -Henry David Thoreau


Okay, so you got temporarily de-railed with a Chapter in Life

(i.e divorce, break up, a dry spell, hiccup- call it what you will)

Binkie, it is time to get back on the horse…Oh, you’ve never ridden a horse…

Okay. New Metaphor. Get back on the bicycle – Oh, the new Titanium, $1500 bikes with tires as thin as black licorice intimidate you?  You prefer a pastel, Schwinn with fat tires and pink streamers flying in the wind? Is fear stopping you from trying the Dating Game?

Snap out of it…you can do this. It’s time to take the shroud off your heart and get out there and dabble in the Playground of Life: Dating World.

Mae West was right: “I believe that it’s better to be looked over than it is to be overlooked.”

 A smart, savvy, Dating Coach will tell you:

#1. You aren’t going to meet anyone in your living room. Get out of the house.

#2. Go where the action is – not the library – not the far left front pew at church/synagogue. See Previous post – Top 10 Places to Meet Men/Women –

#3. Sign up for online dating Today the Top Three are Match, OurTime and EHarmony. They spend more money on advertising than the next 10 sites combined. Match is the most well-known dating site, Eharmony has as a time consuming application process- but, it is worth it. OurTime ( is this beginning to sound like Goldilocks?) is just right…as is JDate. OKCupid and Plenty of Fish are both free- …Catholic Date is too Opus dei…and ohmygod, is too trippy…

#4.Once you are On -Up and Running on a Dating Site – for the best results you must:
Flirt 5 times every day.  Send a short – a one line- note to – 5 different people – every day. What to say?

Easy: “Loved reading your profile – we have somethings in common. Take a look. Hope to hear from you.”

Simple, succinct, polite and inviting. Go ahead – give it a whirl…

Remember: Cast your net high, wide and often…

Have fun out there.


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