Top 10 best places to flirt

red door20111001-11Here are the Top 10 Best Places to Flirt today

1. Farmers Market’s – Sunday in San Rafael is a hot bed of activity
2. In Line at the Take Out Counter: Deli/bakery/Peets/Mollie’s. Smile and say ‘hi’
3. Wine Stores – Bev Mo, Any Wine Section – from T’Joes, to CVS
4.  Bookstores – 67% of all book buyers are women – mostly single
5. In that long long line at the airport – even the short line
6. Waiting for the Ferry (bus, jitney, metro, taxi, pedi-cab)
7. On the beach, on the river, on the Dipsea Trail, at the very end of Mountain Run
8. Dog Parks – Every hour is Yappy Hour. Single women -with empty nests- have small dogs –
9. Wine (Beer, Sake, Champagne) Tastings
10. Note: Your Very Best Bet: The Grocery Store – Safeway, The Market, TJ’s, Rainbow, or Whole Foods, etc –
All the world is a stage – and, all you have to do i. Smile and say “Hey”….

And, you’re flirting…

Repeat. Lather. Rinse.



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