6.0 Earthquake jolts Marin out of bed

Northern California

The vast majority of Napa to Gilroy denizens were probably fast asleep when the 6.o jolted them awake.

The quake was long enough for one to ponder, dash to a doorway and wonder how long this one would last. And then your blurry brain strains to remember – are doorways the safe solution? and Where is the Earthquake Kit? Have we updated it?

It lasted under 30 seconds and at 3:20 AM it felt like a full minute.




Was it worse than the October 1989 Quake? That is the ruler we all use to compare earthquakes. 1989 happened around 5pm …daylight…was purport to be 70 times stronger than this morning’s Wake Up Call.

Where is that Earthquake Kit?

We all need to sign up of Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Training

( NERT in san Francisco or CERT in MARIN)

Marinities and San Franciscans know to tune in to KCBS NewsTalk Radio – for any and all natural events.


Shake, Rattle, Roll…Mother Nature is calling.

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