Can a single guy meet a single girl on Pinterest? Yes, you can!

Pinterest-3The New Free Dating Website?

Check out and Get Interested in Pinterest

Guys have said that their sisters, cousins, aunts and mothers all rave about Pinterest – so  they assumed it was “A no man’s land.”

Don’t dismiss Pinterest as a social media site-for-girls-only-no boys allowed. Au contra ire. Is Pinterest the new, free,

Candace (57, single –again, human resources executive, has run the Bay to Breakers three times, walked to the Dipsea, pastry chef extraordinaire, and an empty-nester) has been on Pinterest for six months. She has very eclectic interests. She started collecting “Pins” – or pictures – of vintage pinup girls. Which led to Vargas pinup’s, which led to cars, which led to an avid interest in Alfa Romeos, her dream: a Tesla, hot rods, and car collections.

Mind you, Candace has been on several times- through the years- and, virtually, struck out. On Pinterest – she felt like the ‘Princess of Interest’ with much interest in her unique pins. And, she met a number of friends- of the male persuasion – and eventually started dating Charles.

That was a year ago. They drive an Alfa Romeo.


Mark, a suddenly-single fly-fishing guide in Montana, has a passel of fabulous pictures of his favorite fly-fishing holes, rivers and streams, colorful fishing flys he crafted and a veritable book -Chamber of Commerce quality –with pictures of Montana. He decided decided to promote his love of fishing and his business and start a site on Pinterest. He had no idea it would cause such a riffle

Fact: Women fish. Fact: Women like fishermen. Mark reports his Pinterest Fly-fishing site was up for thee days and, instantly, he had followers and likes and a whole bunch of new “friends.” And he says it’s better than

Pinterest:The New Free Dating Site

Sure, it requires a modicum of imagination and time to create five ‘boards’ (collections of your favorite things) to aptly promote you and what you ‘like.”

Think about it: are you interested in sports, swimming to Alcatraz, finding the best cup of java in San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Dogpatch, Pastels, The Dipsea, dogs, crafts, fishing, marathons of (—-) fill in the bank, hiking? Perhaps you have a thing for the flowers, Sunday biking or waterfalls in Golden Gate Park or the New Green Apple Bookstore, cronuts and kite-flying? Exploring and examining the City’s eclectic architecture. There are no limits.


Pinterest is Just like Boys and girls, alike: sign Up,  select a “handle,” post a complimentary photograph, write a byline:

San Francisco dreamer (55, single, father of two) – in love with North Beach, Mama’s, Graffeo Coffee, and riding across the Golden Gate Bride to Poggios in Sausalito – ferry back – is looking for a new best friend…even a date for life. Pin me!

Next, choose four or five topics you are interested in – which show off your more “attractive self.”

Create “Boards” – perhaps: Romantic San Francisco, My Favorite Haunts, Great Date Idea, Sports I  Play, Places I’ve Travelled, Dreams, Makes Me Happy,  and click on attractive photographs that resonate with you. Keep Clicking.

And, let the hunt begin!


Pinterest is Great for the non-writer – who prefes to Show not Tell.



Tinder (aka Hookups Anonymous) might not be for you…Instagram might be of interest-

Seriously, give Pinterest a look…you never know who you might ‘like’ and who may ‘like you’ even more…

red door20111001-11


Put me in Coach: Dating Coach

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