Everything I know about internet dating, I learned online…

In the beginning
… Online Dating, if nothing else, is two things: amusing and addictive. It’s like a drug.  

As a virtual virgin you find yourself sucked into hours of scanning photos and reading profiles.

At first, you conscientiously read every profile that the dating companies serve you on the silver screen. After all, you have waded through pages and pages of questions and tests.

It’s a romantic Rorschach test. You’ve supplied name, rank, cereal flavor and a plethora of likes and dislikes and paid the big bucks. Throwing caution to the wind, you take the leap.

Here are the Top 10 Online Dating Observations of the Day:

  1.  If a person shows up and does not resemble their photograph….pause.
  2.  If you are voracious reader, runner, writer, cook and their idea of fun is watching TV –  Note: they are not going to change.
  3. If you are “a sports fan”  and into running, jumping, biking, hiking, spelunking, throwing, diving, and your proposed match isn’t into any or all – dash.
  4. If upon meeting your ‘match’ and they are much older, thinner, heavier, balder, or strange – think about it…before you dash for the door.
  5.  If his or her profile consists of boasts and brags about all their accomplishments and two favorite words are ‘Me’ and ‘I’ – say the magic word, “Next”.
  6. If their activity list is very short and consists of ‘snuggling on the couch’, and you’re an active, dynamic person with more interests: red flag.
  7. If your IQs don’t match – it might be a red flag. If they ramble on about Byzantine art, quarks and metaphysics and you keeping thinking: too quirky and want to taking a quantum leap outa there. Not a match. Not a couple. Not a good idea.
  8.  If you see facets of anger, rudeness, moodiness, and addictions: red flag.
  9.  If you thought, he said “Penn State” and he really said “state pen.” Listen carefully – then run.
  10. If you said, Kama Sutra and they thought: Camus Sartre…hmm…there might be a philosophical difference…

The First Three Dates

Here is what I know: Men and women are on their very best behavior on the first three dates. On approximately date number four, the gloves come off.  Masks drop and reality rears it’s pretty little self. Do pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Ask questions, look closely, pay attention.

And you won’t know what you are missing unless you make an effort and get out there and play! Game on.


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