What Marin needs now – is love, sweet love- Top 20 list

Wooden foot bridge in the woods.What Does Marin Need Now? Love, sweet, love…

The Top 20 List of Great Ideas for a better Marin

1. More hugs

2. A stop light at the famed Corte Madera Trader Joe’s

3. More $1 cups of great coffee (Thanks, Paradise!)

4. More cleaners – who don’t take you to the cleaners

5. More Nightlife – come on, sidewalks should not roll up at 8 pm

6. More fabulous Pinot Noirs for $10.00. Per bottle.

7. Book sharing with Marin Libraries and lower socio-eco schools

8. More “I Love You’s”

9. More people walking – all over the County.

10. More kids outside on swings, slides, and carousels fewer ‘on the bricks.’

11. More museums with – random – Free Days- please.

12. More ‘Sneak Peek’ Movie Previews

13. More Ms Manners, Please; less Entitled, Thank you.

14. More  people shopping/supporting Indy bookstores like the  Book Depot, Copperfields and Book Passages. Less Amazon.

15. County Wide Awareness Tours and Celebrations of our small towns

16. More Real Laugh lines~~ less botox

17. “Please, thanks, you’re welcome”

18. More tolerance and patience – like the good old days.

19. More ‘hi, hello, hey, how ya doing,’ exchanges

20. More $10.00 ( not $22.00) Yoga clasess…IMG_0346


October Sunrise – Strawberry – fields – forever….

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