Dating Rules: Date your own decade

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One upon a time – divorced men from San Francisco moved to Sausalito to start a new chapter, sow wild oats,

and to meet “babes.”

They discovered- age does matter, and girls are not interested older men wearing Dockers unless you buy them drinks…and then girls go home with boys….not older men.

cupcakesAge – is what happens when you aren’t paying attention

This is 60

At 60, on Sunday night you’d rather watch Downton Abbey than go downtown

When you are 60, being “A 10” refers to your bedtime.

Around 60, your children are having children.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll? At 60 – drugs of choice involve Lipitor, nexium, actos, and lunesta.

 60 thinks being a grandparent (yikes) can be Dickinson: best of times, worst of times.

Around 60 you think power yoga, triathlons and double century rides are passé

At 60, all of a sudden, that Medicare thing sounds really good.

 Dating at 60 – the 2nd time around – is more fun and less stress.

 “Kids” around 60, remember the Summer of Love, bell-bottoms, love beads, lava lamps, the Haight, Superballs, and the Fillmore.

 60 means you are going to be besieged with AARP membership offers.

Age 60 looks like Liam Neeson, Mr. T., Pee-wee Herman, Roseanne, Lynn Swann, Susan Collins, John Goodman, and Glenn Close, Alfre Woodward, and Robert Zemekis…

When you’re 60, you notice the women on the Viagra TV commercials look 20 years younger than the old guys.

60 ‘s remember the Blue Fox, the Purple Onion, the Red Garter Band and the Marina Green.

At 60, an invitation to the tea party has a whole different meaning.

60’s delete and erase all Facebook friends who pro-NRA members.

If you are 60, you remember being or seeing a Streaker.

Around 60-something, ephemeral retirement sounds like a really good idea.

At 60-ish when someone says, “You should have your eyes examined!” you probably should

60’s know Pisces isn’t a sign – it is the name of the very best canned tuna in the universe.

60 and born in San Francisco you’ve been to Bimbo’s, the Jack Tar, Kezar to see the Seals, Blum’s, Finley’s Fudge, Finocchio’s and Playland at the Beach.

 60’s remember Pet Rocks, Slinkys, and Mood Rings, and try to remember how be slinky and get in the mood…

 Being 60 means ticket discounts at the movie theater.

When you are 60 – you don’t care how good the food is at that fabulous new restaurant – if it is too loud – you could care less. Next!  There are over 2000 restaurants in San Francisco to choose from…

 Old age is 10 years older than you are

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