Stop: newbie daters, pay attention to those red flags


You are a grand Red Flag

You’re a high flying flag,

And forever in peace may you wave.

You’re the emblem of

The man/woman I shouldn’t love, like…or even go on a Second Date with.

You know, you’ve been there: The First Date.

After the requisite emails and phone calls – you finally find yourself seated across from a very attractive date. The conversation is flowing, there is laughter, great ambiance and the bon mots are flying.

Then from left field, you hear them utter an unsavory slur or comment. Incredulous, you let it go and perhaps a little later you observe your date being somewhat rude to the waiter. You pause and wonder if what you saw really happened.

Note: at this juncture there are small red flags being flashed before your very eyes, take heed.

drinxSometimes we are so dazzled by a ” Va va voom” date, and the exterior facade, that we are slow to accept what promises to be a Dead End.

Thom in Novato tells the story of being flattered by a very attractive, very young woman, he met on-line who claimed to find him fascinating. She suggested meeting him at his home. Something about she really  wanted to see his Infinity pool. He called himself, ‘Fifty and Flattered.’

Fleeced with a Mickey Finn

The young lady arrived with a thermos of martinis and Thom learned, first hand, what a Mickey Finn was and later knew what it felt like to have his Flat screen TV, Iphone, IPod, Stereo and art collection ravaged and removed.

Caveat Emptor, baby

Four dating coaches out of Five will tell you: boys and girls, remove the rose colored glasses. Take the “blinders” off and put your “Readers” on and get real.

If something looks too good to be true or if  someone reveals aspects of their personality that give you the  least amount of pause, lace up your Nikes and dash.

A word to the wise: pay attention to those flashing red flags and Stop signs.

photo_1396_20060405“Every step of life shows much caution is required

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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