Dating 101: Past tense

photo_1ben918_20060901It was the past and I was tense

When I started my foray into the intoxicating world of online dating, I was a classic babe in the woods- interpret that as you may.

I confessed

Bless me, father: I had not been been a date in 12 years and was a classic, clueless, virtual virgin. What was a “Profile,” and how was I supposed to write one?

I had no idea my first 25 dates would be the stuff of dreams – and columns, classes and dating seminars.

Beginner’s luck

Sure, I was a newbie, neophyte, and novice – brand new to the intoxicating online dating pool – just like tens of thousands of daters before me. With time, my mantra to friends, readers, clients was “Come on in, the water is sublime.”

Book club in Miami

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