Cold and windy night? Check out Top 6 Best TV Series

Women Watch TV – it’s a fact – and this is what we love:

 Top 6 Favorite TV Shows – Like Dessert:

  1. “Scandal”

  2. “The Good Wife”

  3. “Top of the Lake”

  4. “Mad Men”

  5.  “Breaking Bad”

  6. “The Americans”

  7. “Last Tango in Halifax”

 Whether you are having a Polar Express or Polar Vortex

Cuddle up, tune in and turn on – (Netflix, Amazon Prime)

on these cold winter nights…

For some  of us winter weather inspires all things cozy: fleece, warm blankets, flannel, candles and really great TV series…

“Scandal “with Kerry Washington and vast cast of superlative actors is like candy –

and is

“Must See TV”

Long Live genius Shonda Rhimes


the genius behind Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal

glasss photo


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