Top 5 Worst Online Dating Photo Ideas

sad manHere are the Top Five Worst Online Dating Photo Ideas

1) The Selfie: The horrible “U- point and aim” the camera in the mirror and take a portrait of yourself. There is no such thing as a good one. Ask a friend to take a handful of photos of you – indoors– outdoors – relaxed and real. Go to Golden Gate Park, at the Mountain Play, the beach, Sausalito or Muir Woods.

2.) The Disguise: Hat and Sunglasses Photo: What exactly are you trying to hide? Crossed eyes? Bad hair? Thinning hair? No hair? Smile and face the music – lose the hat and dark glasses.


3.) Pure Fiction Photographs: Delete the picture of you posing next to that sleek red Lamborghini in Monte Carlo. Generally, it means you got off the tour bus and had your friend snap a photo. Erase the photo in front of your friend’s glam Tahoe ski lodge, lounging at Hearst Castle, or holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. That was funny the first time everyone saw it, 25 years ago.

4.) I knew Catwoman and you are no Catwoman, or are you? Four photographs of your cat? Don’t do it. Bad idea. This is a huge turn-off to dog and cat lovers, alike. Men say they are afraid of a woman who posts multiple photos of her little white dog. Or Cat.

5.) Ancient History: You want to post cute photos from college? Really? Think again. Why would you post a photo of a past reincarnation? It screams, “I used to be a fox. I look so bad now I have to use a photo that is 10, 20, 30 years old.” You can just hear a resounding, “Next!”

Fakes, Sham, Hoax

Raul from Big Sur, a plein air artist and a keen observer of life, says when he sees a faded photograph, a 1970’s hairstyle and an outfit from the same decade- he skips over the woman’s profile.

He also says he can spot a fake photo a mile away. Are Airbrushing and Photo-shopping the way to go? Not if you plan to meet someone face-to- face and have them say, “Wow! You don’t look a thing like your picture.”

Is using someone else’s photograph illegal or illogical? Yes, don’t even think about it unless you are from Nigeria and planning an online dating scam – then by all means – steal the photo of the very handsome male model from GQ.

imagesswmimDo I really have to post a photograph?

Yes, Binkie, in order to play the game – you must post a picture. Men and women and agree, they quickly skip over profiles that don’t have a photo. The motto of the day is “No Photo, No Go.” Yes, you ought to be in pictures – really good pictures. Take the time to get three to five good, current photos- of yourself. Remember, update these photos.

Seek out: Bill Cunningham – the Movie –

A terrific documentary about the soft-spoken, charming, famed NYC photographer everyone wants to be photographed by – just once.

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