Girls like a little mayhem and bad boys -loathe green geckos


A random sampling of women ages 25-70 -proves women stop everything to watch a Mayhem Allstate television commercial.

Mr. Mayhem – the bad boy- intrigues women in a dangerous, sexy way.  Women like that he is cute, he is irreverent and he is wearing a suit. He is a blend of James Dean, Dean Martin, and a  Ricky Martin rogue. You get the idea.

However, a talking green lizard‎- unless you’re a biologist – leaves women cold.   As a rule, we don’t like geckos, lizards, salamanders, or even chameleons. And talking geckos from that other insurance company are an insult to our intelligence. Those commercials come on and we leave the room.

Merry Mayhem, on the other hand, captivates women. My well-crafted statistics indicate women stop-and-watch the Bad Boy Mayhem TV commercials  and we check out – change the channel – when the green, slimy gecko appears. Go figure.

Handsome hooligan 

The Mayhem actor, Dean Winters has a well-earned reputation as a bad boy.  You have seen him on Sex in the  City, 30 Rock and Rescue Me.

We like him.

Merry Mayhem- Men laugh and women are bewitched by the randy raccoon, the handsome devil as your GPS.   Confused?

Matinee  +   idle?

Movie: “Enough Said”

 Treat yourself: Go see  “Enough Said” starring James Gandolfini. He was the baddest of the bad boys as Tony Soprano… and the sweetest , most sensitive, funny, dear man as, Albert. You will swoon, you will laugh and you will cry.


When there’s not ten feet of snow on the ground, I ride my bike down the streets of New York, and I literally hear two things out of car windows as cabs pass by me: They either yell, ‘Hey, dummy,’ or ‘Hey, Mayhem.’     Dean Winters
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