Online dating rule # 1: Thou shalt not post ancient photos

Suddenly Single in Marin

The ‘first date’ is your final chance to win and woo the person sitting across from you.

No amount of flirty, cute, prelude e-mails are

going to erase bad manners, false information,

or outdated pictures.

The minute you walk into the coffee shop, café, or museum for that momentous first date – if you’ve posted picture that is five or 15 years old, your date will be instantly  a) disappointed b) disinterested c) shocked. d) all of the above. You can count on it.

Save time and energy by posting three recent photos of yourself – (without the big hat and huge sunglasses)  the truth will set you free.

We’re not in college anymore, Toto

Jacob, 56, accountant, ski fanatic was a blue-eyed, blond, hunk in college. Time travel 30 years ahead and now he is a grey haired, skier-biker, bachelor. He thought the good-looking college photograph of…

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