Winning Pick Up Lines in Marin County?

 imagesmt-MARIN WOOD

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the two most popular Marin County pickup lines at the original Sweetwater, the Trident, and Ondine’s were,  “Do you come here often?” and  “What’s your sign?” C’est fini.

Fast forward a couple of  decades –  life is more complicated – and pickup lines generally fall into three categories, just like the Clint Eastwood movie,  “The Good, the bad, and the ugly.”

As a rule, women – of all ages – are attracted to and flattered by a well-delivered pickup line.  That being said, a flirty line that is clever -and complimentary is far more agreeable than the corny, well rehearsed, off-color line.

  • A sample of the ugly would be: Babe, you must have glue on your butt, because my eyes have been stuck there all night.
  •  A bad pickup line would be: Does God know his sexiest little angel is missing from heaven.
  •  And, a good pickup line could be as simple as:  “Excuse me, may I sit here?   I like your shoes.”

Geographically speaking: Marin

Marin County is a veritable kaleidoscope of nouns- people, places and things. With a wide variety of townships, whistle-stops, and sprawling cities coupled with a multi-faceted population – there is not stereotypical Marin-ite. Sausalito and Fairfax are worlds apart…

The men dangling pickup lines in downtown San Rafael are not the same demographic as the guys at Harbor Point in Mill Valley or at Sam’s in Tiburon. Novato is a whole different scene… The Silver Peso – attracts a very different clientele from Bungalow 44 and the Buckeye. Mosaic.

Of course, this hypothesis implodes at closing time when – after a few cocktails- everybody appears clever and urbane.


The Casanova with a veritable stream of canned lines offends some women– that same Romeo instantly seduces others. As a rule, men –of all ages – are supremely flattered when a woman takes the initiative and flirts first.

Note: as the night grows longer, a pickup line that may have bombed at 7 PM might sound like music at 10 PM.  It’s all relative.

 Mr. “Single and Free” flirts all day long

My favorit, Danny (52, consultant, divorced, No Kids at Home) from San Rafael, talks to women all day long – everywhere – from Hi-Tech Burrito to standing in line at Costco.  Danny calls himself a conversation pole-vaulter – he will jump into any conversation – and throw in a wink, a smile and pickup line. He is very popular. Yes, some of his lines are corny – but connected to a genuine smile – he makes friends and dates- often.

Good mantra- Flirt Early and Flirt OftenSpelling Game says Help Me

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