Got Baggage? Emotional and more? Skycap!

Randy, the confirmed Sausalito bachelor, comes to the table with baggage-

with a full set of luggage, actually.

Plus, a few carry-ons.

He has more issues than the zoning department at City Hall.  Discreetly, when you least expect it, a new topic is surreptitiously placed on the table.  If you look away for a mere minute- he slips the odd issue on the table. The themes are varied and provocative…and should to be checked at the door.

His Space Junk Keeps Falling on Your Head

You might be surprised, even shocked, at the subtle way Randy (a.k.a. any new guy) unveils his peccadilloes.  He may deftly, sweetly explain his passions – let’s say for porn.  He says it’s a good thing; it promotes sensuality and makes life sexier. Really? If you look away for another minute, you might hear him say, “Life is like a buffet and you should sample people, lots and lots of people.” He readily admits he loves women. Most women. His mantra, “Let’s explore. Why be tied down to one person?” He calls it ‘pollyogamy.’  He thinks that’s a cute way to define playing around (a.k.a. cheating).

Lingering Over Lingerie?

Astounded by his candor, you dare not look away, you might miss  another ‘little tote’ appear on the table- like lingerie

Sexy, filmy, French, black lingerie, and he wants you wearing it all the time. Then, before you can catch your breath and take a sip of water, he is stroking your leg and whispering sweet bon mots.  Nonchalantly, he asks questions like: “What’s your opinion on bondage? Silk or leather?”  Your repertoire consists of stocks and bonds.

As you compose yourself to answer, he smiles; those sexy, sky-blue, eyes, framed with thick black lashes, pierce your soul and he mentions he has a 12-Step meeting that night: Debtors Anonymous. And he’s doing really well. So far. And, could you pick up the check?

What’s a girl to do? Say, “Skycap!” (a.k.a. Adios, Ciao, Later,)

Remember: When you dream of Cary Grant and you are faced with Gary Busey  pick up your bag and close that chapter, fast.

They may turn out to be a great disappointment, or perhaps they may be full of enchanting surprises. Mary Wesley

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