The perfect -Male- Profile: take notes

Eureka! I have found it!

Here is a classic Perfect Profile, take note.

The California State motto is also the exclamation heard around  the proverbial ‘girls locker room’ at world. Women talk.

Profiles in Courage… or Candor? His profile started with a dash of self-deprecating humor, he segued into a cute story about a cold and dreary night-Halloween-with his cute nine year-old daughter. He describes his creative, spontaneous costume that won the approval and smiles from all around (clearly established in four sentences: good dad, sense of humor, spontaneous, sweet.) Then, a short, sweet paragraph waxing philosophical about what’s important in life.

And, next the coup de grace: Steven D. reveals he thinks gray hair is sexy, he loves laugh lines, and a few extra pounds… He calls them a “Huge turn on.” photo_15490_20091117 For all intents and purposes, Steven D. is a classic, all-American boy: baseball, mom, and apple pie. He lives in the suburbs, attended good schools, has been divorced for 6 years; he is  a 50-something;  is medium height, medium build and has a good, steady job. Major points. However his “priorities” are like a siren’s call to all women-of an-age  on

The Magic Words?  When is the last time you heard a man say that gray hair, laugh lines, a couple extra pounds are sexy? 

Gentlemen start your profiles – you want to emulate – think out of the box – like the now famous, very well-liked,  Steven D. While his mail-box is over flowing with winks, nods, notes and emails,  he is driving his daughter to college – a momentous occasion which requires his full attention.

He says he is flattered  to have been besieged with “fan mail” – and he will respond to each email – one at a time. He has no idea how fast word spreads when there is a great guy around.

Take a page from this book – winning qualities in an Almost Perfect Online Dating profile include: sincerity, honesty, some humor and a healthy dose of reality.  What’s in your profile?Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk Free Range Stock Photos

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