Dating 101: Avoid Bad Company and the Misfits


Don’t fence me in, cowboy

 Dallas thinks he’s ever so clever – a physicist- he claims he can ask three questions on a date and deduce a woman’s age. He’s proud of his cutting edge queries and is consumed with his so-called prowess. Fact: He offends women.  Happy trails, fella.

On paper, Buck sounds good – he writes that he is active, , is a rower, a book collector, a musician and lives near the beach.  It turns out, he has a rowing machine in his apartment near the Dipsea Cafe; he collects paperback books – especially Danielle Steele.  He is also quite proud of his dine and dash happy hour-trick: sneaking out without paying the bill.

Fact: The term “loser” quickly comes to mind. Git along, little doggie.

The True Grit:

Listen up, Dating Newbies. Slow down a little bit. Remember, dating is not a job interview. Meeting for the first time is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and a potential opportunity to click with a kindred spirit. Play nice. No coy guessing games.

Discreet: Just because you both signed up for the same dating site doesn’t mean – at first blush – you have to divulge your income, IQ, blood type, or divorce settlement. Yes, it is expected that you both be up front and honest.

Weight, Weight: Don’t tell me:
AKA Wait a minute: Weight and other touchy subjects

  • Even the best of friends don’t ask, “So what are you tipping the scales at now, Tiny?”  We don’t do it.
  •  Why would you ask a heavy-handed question like that on a date? You do the math: they are a S, M, L, or XL.
  •  There’s no way a guy who’s 6’5 can hide that fact.
  • And, Sugar, there’s no way a guy 5’ 6 can pass for 5’10 -so don’t even try.

Avoid Bad Dates – life is too short.

Now that you are Back in the Saddle – Have Fun

 Yipppee Ki Yay!

Top 100 Cowboy songs

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2 Responses to Dating 101: Avoid Bad Company and the Misfits

  1. I can’t believe a guy would ask that, insane

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