Marin Playboys: easy come, easy go?

The Marin Dating at 50 Scene – one woman’s story

Lynnie said Chad was easy to talk to although not quite tall, dark, and handsome as his much older profile photos indicated.

Girls get over that quicker than guys.

For their first date, they met at Taste of Rome in Sausalito.  He reached across the table to hold her hand, tried to kiss her on the neck and whispered corny, sweet nothings.  She felt hustled. His rendition of “Come back to my place to see my etchings” was “Do you want to see the sun come up from my deck?”

It was June  and fog enshrouded the entire area. She laughed and realized his pithy repartee was well oiled. Like him.  He had been at this dating game for a long time and seemed to have a well-rehearsed script. And moves.

He was a classic too much, too soon, too fast, playboy. She bid him  “au revoir” and went back to the dating pool to find her “next boyfriend.”

What’s the hurry?

Next, Lynnie dated Hal  – before things got way too complicated. Newly widowed and old fashioned, he lavished her with expensive dinners, flowers and affection.  He was anxious to get remarried and taken care of.  She gently released the needy man. Once again, she returned to the online dating trough. Her mantra: online dating is a numbers game: “Sometimes you get a “10” and sometimes you get a “Zero.”

Déjà vu all over again

Out of the blue, Chad-the playboy contacted her with the same opening line from the past, “Hello, beautiful. Your profile is fascinating. I would enjoy meeting you and learning more about your interests. Would you meet me for coffee in North Beach? Hugs, Chad.”

She laughed and sent him a quick note stating that they had already met.  Zero response from Mr. Playboy. Was he chagrined, embarrassed or too busy playing the field?

Fact: Frequently, the Dating pool in Marin County  can seem very small.

Brava to Lynnie for putting it out there – making an effort and keeping a sense of humor.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.                 Ralph Waldo Emerson




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