Is there a Romance Hoax in your past or future?

Dating 101: How to avoid online dating scams


The Big Contest: $100 to the first 50 people to send in the first 10 verses of

“Do the Hustle”

Are you  Looking for Love in all the wrong places? There are a million stories in the dated city. Some are all lightness and air and others are like the Clint Eastwood movie: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Beware of The Ugly – There are rampant ‘romance scams’  on dating sites. Dubbed “the Nigerian Hustle,”  these scams have been the subject of  many televison shows including an MSNBC special;  they’ve been talked about numerous times on Oprah and Dr. Phil.

  A quick look online – and see the huge number of Dating Alert Websites that have cropped up to warn and alert on ine daters of the hustles and scams. 

It started with a wink

Both Kiki in San Francisco and Betty in Hayward wrote similar stories to say, “It all started with a wink.”

Both women were flattered by ‘a wink’ from a great looking guy in San Francisco. His profile picture resembled Burt Lancaster, on the beach in the movie, From Here to Eternity. ‎ Without much thought they both returned ‘the wink’ and within hours received a response from “Jonnie.” Both women said the first clue something was amiss was the salutation, “Hello, Dearie.” Kiki said she had never met a man who called anyone ‘Dearie.’

The letter instantly fell apart: it was a train wreck of broken English and a request to contact him at a address. 
Fortunately, both women knew almost immediately it was a scam. They had almost walked into an infamous Nigerian scam. It starts with a wink – and goes to a “Contact me at another site” and, “By the way, could you send me a few thousand dollars, dearie?”

Run, run, as fast as you can – get away from the Nigerian Scam Man.

OH! Dearie…Sorry! “Do the Hustle” doesn’t have 10 verses…go t ojail card

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear,

but around in awareness”.  

James Thurber

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