Ouch! Online dating hurts!

photo_1878_20060814(1)Too painful for words?

Has your ego been bruised or your self-esteem been eviscerated by online dating?

The Dating Game can be all frolic and fun or it can be a depressing downward spiral ala Alice in Wonderland – replete with an occasional Dodo, knave of hearts, a mad hatter, and a few tweedle dums and duds.

Janice V (50, divorced, executive, S.F. hiker/biker/Salsa dancer) complained she wasted way too many hours ‘looking’ on Match.com. 

No one contacted her. When she sent out a flirty message to  a dozen interesting men – only one responded – and he had just met the “love of his life.”

Her next move was to “Favorite” five different guys and see if anyone responded. Zip. Zero. Nada. She was getting frustrated.

So she changed her profile and updated her photo. No way was she going to resort to ‘winking.’

In a week, four men contacted her: one from Nebraska, another from Albuquerque, and two from New York. She lives in lower Pacific Heights and won’t drive more than 25 miles to meet a man. What are the chances she would date a guy from New York? Not in this lifetime.

Feeling dejected and rejected, one Monday morning, she was ready to throw in the towel and quit the site- when -“You’ve Got Mail” -Michael from Burlingame ‘reached out’ and sent a cute introductory note. She was instantly taken by his wit and willingness to initiate a conversation.

 They have been dating for eight months.

  1. Yes, online dating can be a nightmare- a disappointment or frustrating.
  2. Don’t give up! Try a new dating site – or go off line for a month and give it a rest.
  3. Flirt more.
  4. Smile more are strangers.
  5. Say ‘hey’ to more people every day.
  6. Yes, it might be a little awkward…Give it a try.
  7. photo_7840_20081106(1)love small
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