Seven Summertime Fun Date Ideas

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Seven Hot Spots for Fun this Weekend

You may have to cross a bridge and enter a rainbow tunnel – to have fun- but the options are numerous

  1. Best Place to Have a Cocktail at the Beach in San Francisco :The Riptide eclectic and funky and fun- claims to have the best staff,  best juke box, best music, best Pacific Ocean view, free parking;  The Happy Hour starts at 4pm-7pm
  2. Best Place to Laugh in the Dark : Just want to laugh? Get tickets to see the movie RED2 – it’s a romp – it’s  delightful and totally predictable… comedy -with a side order of  violence…or Look for Blue Jasmine – playing few and far between…
  3. Best Place for Stargazing: Get thee to one of the Bay Area’s most spectacular sights: Mount Tamalpais
  4. Is That Some Kind of a Record? Many Fog  free- hours can easily be whiled away going through the stacks of CDs, vinyl and DVDs at the veritable treasure trove, Amoeba Records on Haight Street.    Necessary stops might  include The Alembic and the hot, haute, restaurant Cha,Cha,Cha.
  5. Best Place to Feel Breathless- Gilroy’s famed Garlic Festival will cure all that ails you. Is garlic is your Midsummer Night-mare? Shakespeare warned: “Most dear actors, eat no onions nor garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath.” So, skip the stinky bulb and frolic at many fun-filled events at the very popular, crowded, festival.  No, not a breath of fresh air, but so much fun.
  6. Best Place to Nibble, Nosh, and Dine Around – Got truck?  Sample all at the delicious foods at the  Off the Grid event and the seaon’s grand finale at Fort Mason -Friday only from  5pm – 10pm
  7. Best Place for Kite-Boarding is Crissy Field – and in San Mateo Coyote Point. Both locales are great for watching or participating. Like standup? How do they do that? Standup Paddle Board . Cruise scenic Richardson Bay  in Marin County.


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