Quit online dating? Not so fast, Binkie

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off?

So you’ve decided to quit a dating site – perhaps that virgin voyage on the Online dating site was a dud and a dead end? And you want to quit and quietly walk away.

Not so fast, Binkie!

Remember how long it took you to fill in all those cute and quirky quizzes? All those mini-essays you had to create – spell check and all?

Quiting 101:

You will need to spend time and go to great lengths to delete all your photos and every bit of information.  Simply hitting the “I Quit”  button doesn’t do the trick. Plan to take the time to delete every single word you wrote on your profile. 

And, if a site like Match.com insists that you have 500 characters in any mini-essay, type in the Pledge of Allegiance, Dave Barry’s definition of “What Women Want“ or the opening to Kafka’s, The Trial.

imagesYou ought to be in Pictures: Not

Select each of your photos and delete. As a precautionary measure, change your age, gender, and height – the more ludicrous the better. 
Granted, some sites make it very easy to delete and quit the site. Other sites are like sticky flypaper, they don’t want to see you leave and they attempt to stick to you with e-mails flooding your mailbox. (Note: Perfect Mate is the stickiest- carat emptor.) Be prepared.

Leave No Trace

Like  any good camper, you will want to follow the “Leave no trace” philosophy.

If you hung around the water-cooler chat rooms at EHarmony, and participated in rabid commentary and commented freely, understand there’s no way to erase or delete those comments – so, think before you speak.


After you’ve done all this good work: deleted, changed, updated, and quit – go back a day later to ensure that all information has been removed.

Carpe Data, darling

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.          Buddha

Bronze buddah in the park

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