Sausalito: Is breaking up hard to do?


Scenes from a relationship – in Sausalito on Saturday morning

Jason- He calls them “filler dates” – the multiple women he dates until the right one comes along.

Jennifer- She calls them “Bookmark relationships” – guys she dates just to hold the place until Mr. Right appears.

After two months of a hot and heavy connection, Jason told Jennifer she was ‘Awesome,’ that she was ‘hot’ and she ‘really turned him on.’ Jennifer was feeling the love and had become quite smitten with the buff, stockbroker with the new BMW, and the penthouse apartment in the Marina.

She had dated surfers, bartenders, house painters and Jason was light years ahead of those guys.

Then Jason threw the virtual bucket of ice water on Jennifer when he said, “I really like our arrangement- it’s cool and open, right?  Babe, we both date other people – but you are special.”

Uh, oh: the “You are special” line. 

Jennifer (28) got the message loud and clear – Jason (42) was the aging playboy she thought him to be. You are special was usually followed by, “You’re just too good for me.”

A quick study, Jennifer was going to walk off in a whatta-waste-of time-pissed off- huff, but she paused. The 6-foot tall, willowy, brunette may have looked delicate, but thanks to Pilates and Zumba she was in best shape of her life – and she knew it.

Rising from the chair, slowly, she stood tall. The metal chair had scraped a heinous slow painful sound as it scratched the cement floor – most eyes in the tiny restaurant were on her. She ran her hair through her long mane of burgundy highlights and said in a stage whisper,  “Listen, I don’t want to be in your pathetic harem. Go ahead play Mr. Mormon and date four girls at once. Maybe one of them will like you back. Good luck with that.” She stood with her hands on her hips.

Now every eye in the place was on her.

Jennifer, towering over Jason said, “Dude, you’re almost 50. You’re still single and playing the field. Seriously? You’re going to be needing a walker and another bottle of little blue pills, dude. Yes, I’m hot, I’m awesome, and I am so gone. Have a nice life, old man.”

The café was dead quiet – until the sound of three women softly applauding-broke the silence.photo_12349_20090723frog

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