Psst: Want a summer romance? Start today!


 On your mark, calendar out, get set for your summer romance.


Instant gratification and Romance in 90 days?


The best selling book, “Love in 90 Days,” says 13 lucky weeks is all you need to meet the man of your dreams.

The best-selling, How-To- book, flew off the shelves of bookstores and a copy seems to be on the coffee tables and reference material for many of my single  friends and clients. Author Dr.Diana Kirschner, a true calendar girl, urges you to block out the next 90 days to successfully find your soul mate and True North. Her insightful book is filled with myriad goal setting exercises, affirmations, techniques and tips for women to attract their heart mate.

The author gives a whole new meaning to a ‘stud finder’ as she advises looking for “Studs” (seriously terrifically utterly desirable dudes) and avoiding ‘Duds’ (definitely unworkable dudes).

bookSince Adam and Eve and that pesky snake,  there have been romantic and seductive schemes, plots and plans levied by both sexes. 

Love in 90 Days has some pretty hot ideas.

Some may take special umbrage at a few of the exercises, like the novel suggestion to date three different men at one time. Three?  I call this a  ‘manage a trois’. Managing to date three men, concurrently, sounds vaguely like juggling babies:  you must be very discreet, delicate and focused.  Then you say, “What was I thinking?”

Be forewarned: This compendium of counseling has more buzzwords than a month of Dr Phil shows. However, Dr. Diana is no Dr. Phil, thank heaven she is not another Dr. Laura.  Kirshner is a lot more fun, creative and  “Love in 90 Days” is replete with pages of heart-filled ideas and exercises.

Like the song: Summertime and… the reading is easy. Go for it.


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