Buyer Beware: Online dating scam artists

go t ojail cardInquiring Minds want to know: what does an Internet dating scam look like?

Some scam artists select a photo from a catalog and attempt to pass as a male model. The con – whom obviously failed miserably at ESL, English comp, grammar and spelling then weaves a wordy web of deception.

Perhaps you’ve seen the photograph. He is the handsome man-next-door. He smiles confidently, looks relaxed and has distinguished gray hair at his temples. Ironically, he kind of looks like a catalog model.

Coincidence? Mr. Perfect  lives nearby:  he is your age-range, available, spiritual and enjoys generic sports and interests.

Intrigued, you start reading the profile, which turns out to be a minefield of nonsensical run on sentences and glaring spelling errors. The poorly written sentences are obviously copied and pasted from, perhaps, a dozen other profiles to make this crazy quilt of quotes.

Is he a fraud or frog? Both are cold blooded

Sydney in Rochester a member, recently received a ‘perfect match’. The red flags were so big and bizarre, she forwarded the profile for ‘Sole Voyager’. The profile sentences were fractured and juxtaposed. It is as though a non-English speaking person, took several writing samples and copied and pasted sentences together.

Sydney was right: red flags were flapping at every turn of phrase.

First “Sole Voyager” revealed he did not actually live in New York. See the red flag? He writes (spelling and punctuation have not been changed to protect the scheming swindle)

I lost everything and even though I have worked on and prepare something special, at this point I am broked and starting all over.

I never really realized my age, I am still quite active sexually and will not leave you alone in the bed during the night or the day and this

children’s not living with me, love refinement but not cumulation, would love to own an airplane, sea fishing boat, sailboat and a few houses,
6 feet, 185 pounds, do not lie, I’m there thinking of what I should say after, thinking, thinking, ..”

Run, run as fast as you can

I am thinking: run, run as fast as you can.

Report the con artist, as Sydney  did to the powers that be at     The con has one single goal: to defraud and swindle the unsuspecting. It’s a number game.

Nigerian scam artists are notorious for cheating, tricking and ripping off the Internet naïve and trusting. One wonders, how does screen their applicants? The best advice is: Buyer Beware.

Pay attention to red flags and, especially to men who are ‘broked.’
Every step of life shows much caution is required.”   Goethe


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