Are men in Marin quitting the dating game?

photo_8735_20081228Is your social life getting rocky?

There is an Exodus happening.

Legions of men  are folding up their tents, quitting the dating game and are going home to Bachelorville. They are resigned to a lifetime of single, solo, and solitary – man- time.

The Men Have Spoken

A veritable Greek Chorus has said they are victims of excruciating divorces or years of a disappointing dating scene. Candidly, they say being 50+, suddenly single and dating again isn’t easy. No, it’s not like riding a bike.

Many guys lament that courtship is just too complicated and foreign; they are having a hard time getting a leg up.

Tommy B, 57, said he could have earned a second degree given all the Stanford Bachelor Parties he has attended over the decades. He admits his research and development used to be fun… The playground rules have changed. It’s more teeter-totter and less wing.

Coming Up empty – and alone

Sausalito writer, Greg M. said, “I used to be a ’10.′ Back in the day, I had a top level position, a fast car, cool friends, got married and, bam! He woke up single, 25 years later”. No longer a “10” -Greg tumbled off that pedestal years ago. He admits his recent dating experiences are like being stuck in the revolving door at the St Francis Hotel; going in circles and going nowhere.  And he will blithely expound to all interested parties at the Clock Bar. He also does a mean “Good Bye” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Otter know better

Tall, dashing and handy, Henry said he recently gave up on women. He said women are like otters; that they band together, are happy to be in one another’s company, travel together and have no need for male companionship. He said they simply float down the ‘river of life’ like happy little otters; no boys allowed. The vast number women I polled, got off their rafts and swam over and heartily disagreed. Actually, the majority of women indicated they want ‘in the game’.

Girls, what say you?

The single Yoga Babes weighed in to say most were initially daunted, then exhilarated, by being single and dating again. Others blindsided by a classic divorce debacle – throw in the towel.   Some recover and renew energies and get a new lease on life.

There are a million stories in the dated city. The Exodus may be in biblical proportions in some cities and Marin County  has to be the exception, right? 

Hey! Don’t go, the party is just beginning.

Remember this:

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old;

they grow old because they quit playing. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes



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