Moving to the Amazon Arms – for Divorced Women only

photo_1074_20060214dotttJanette has joined the ranks of recently divorced.

Her divorce took a toll – took three years and cost an arm and leg – not to mention her soul.

She’s better. 
Her X told the Family Court Judge he could not afford spousal support.  All those ski vacations at Vail and Squaw and monthly Olympic Club dues are expensive. 
    Mr. Conspicuous Consumption – he never met a sale he didn’t like – got the  the 48″ plasma TV – the Mini Cooper, the antiques, whatta steal…

The nefarious Judge – Swayback – of San Francisco’s Finest Family Court – predictably, her infamous  blood-sugar dipped – (all know to approach her bench, carefully – close to 11:00 a.m.) She fell for his song and dance. Low Blood Sugar and High and Mighty Judge Marg raged at Janette – threatened and bellowed. “No Soup for you – No Spousal for you!”  The thud from the gavel slamming down could be heard – in courtrooms up and down the hall. Get that judge a spoonful of sugar!

So, Janette moved into the dowdy, studio apartment in the Marina – with full intention of buying a condo
 near Portrero Hill – maybe. 
Then rents sky-rocketed affordable housing dried up and her stocks went to Hades…and finances are freaky. (Could be  a bumper sticker.)

Five Suddenly Single women in Marin County get it together

The five women met – one by one – connected and devised a clever scheme. Their solution: buy an old ranch-style, five-bedroom home; all this was based on research and sane sound financial advice.  They pooled resources. The bought the house, made a some improvements, and moved in. They work out differences, they talk and they celebrate the perfect solution.

The House is For Divorced or Widowed women only.

They are calling it the Amazon Arms.

Being powerful is like being a lady.

If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

M Thatcher

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