Please, guys: Top 10 things Not to Wear at 50


   Sir, are you Suddenly Single, clueless about clothing and new to the Dating Game?

Are you and current fashion real ‘Strangers in the Night’?


Here’s a Quick Tip Sheet on What Not to Wear:

 (NOTE: If any of the following items are in your closet, gently remove them, fold them and place them into a recycling bag.  Promptly deliver them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Don’t look back.)

Get These Top 10 Things Out of Your Closet:

  1. Gray sweatpants – don’t even ask
  1. The fanny-pack – even the name is egregious
  2. High-waisted jeans from 20 years ago – not a good look
  1. The T-shirt that says, “I’m with her” any T-shirts with “clever” sayings
  1. Worn out, dirty, running shoes
  1. That old baseball cap you are wearing backwards
  1.  Those funky worn-out slippers
  1. Multicolored Italian sweaters that were very in (expensive) 30 years ago
  1. That comfy grandpa sweater with the holes and stains
  1. All too-small shirts, sweaters, and coats that are tight around the middle

What to do next? Simple Solutions:

  • Invest in a really good pair of jeans( i.e. Levi 501’s; Lucky Brand…)
  • Get rid of running shoes and graduate to a good-looking loafer
  • Lose the backpack and step up to a messenger bag
  • Ever guy should have at least one good Aloha shirt in his closet
  • Remember sloppy is not sexy
  • Girls wear Uggs

And don’t even think about sneaking into your son’s closet and dabbling in his 20’s wardrobe.  His uniform of Skinny jeans, Converse hi-tops, the skintight blazers, and bow ties – sorry, they are not for you, Binkie.

You can do this. You’ll be happier and look a lot hipper, smarter, younger…

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or

no influence on society.”

Mark Twain

sad manNo one told me about tossing the gray sweats!

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