Online dating Stories: good, bad, and ugly?

photo_10108_20090419roseAre you a Virtual Virgin in the online dating world?

Hang around the water cooler long enough and you are bound to hear dating stories: the good, the bad and the very ugly. You’ll notice people love to repeat the horror stories. It seems, married people – especially – want to hear how ghastly and dreadful it is out there in Suddenly Single Land. Sure, they’ll be happy you met someone, but they really want to hear about the heel, the fake, and the all-talk-no-action playboy who forgot his wallet.

There are a million stories in the Dating City…

Do expect to hear a plethora of obnoxious stories: “His profile was very “Prince Charming” on the phone, he sounded like Rush Limbaugh.” “She was 15 years older than her picture” “He was 5’1 and claimed to be a jock. He must’ve meant jockey.” “All she wanted was a monthly dinner date-on me.” “He forgot his wallet, flirted with the waitress and asked for a ride home-to Novato.”

Keep listening.

And you’ll eventually hear stories like, “I met the love of my life online.” Or, “I met the most wonderful woman online. We’ve been dating six months.” “I never thought it would happen. Yes, it took time, but I met a really great guy/gal.” And, “I went on over 25 dates – with 8 different guys- but I did, eventually, meet my date for life.”

Is the Bay Area a Dating Gold Mine? 

Buyer Beware. You’ll need plenty of gold to sign up for one of the various high-rent dating companies. Whether you pay the exorbitant ($3000) to have dinner with six  strangers or ($2500) to go out to lunch.  Before whipping out the little plastic card– read the online reviews (Yelp) for these high end –promise laden sites and decide if you get more disappointment or joy for thousands of dollars. Avoid Millionaire Matchmakers at all costs.

To Lie or Not to Lie: that is the question

Paul says he’s 5’9 and really is a stout 5’6. Mimi Marin says she is 39 (read: 52.) George claims he is single – actually, he is separated, from his third wife, and is testing the dating waters. Tammy says she works “in the arts” and you will find her at a famous ‘club’ on Broadway – wearing little more than a smile. Ben writes that he is ‘a health nut’ – he neglects to say he is a strict gluten-free, raw-food, Vegan, big fan of Rush Limbaugh, who does naked yoga and exorcisms on weekends. He only wears the color purple and has six silver rings- in each ear. The photos he posts online are fuzzy and taken from a distance. Sally stated on her profile that her kids were “all grown up.” She didn’t think she needed to divulge that her three adult children lived with her and her four cats.

Your job in this new adventure? Ask questions and then ask more questions. Some of us choose to embellish the truth – others throw caution to the wind and hope no one will notice their photo is ten years and 20 lbs. ago…really? Best Advice: Don’t waste time with ancient photographs

Remember, the truth will really set you free.

Look Before you Leap- Choose your Mantra:

Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty; inaccuracy, of dishonesty. Nathaniel Hawthorne

Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter.  Tiger Woods

Be sure to check out various online dating companies before you commit to any dating sites.

Good luck and have fun out there.


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