Make a list: qualities for perfect date?



It looked like a grocery list…

  • Loaf of bread.
  • Half-gallon milk.
  • Petite 5’2 – 5’6
  • Long red hair.
  • Tennis player
  • Skier
  • Prefer vegetarian
  • Mensa member

 Grant  – the “Handsome Bachelor” (60, divorced, bon vivant, triathlete ) fromLarkspur segued into his       

“My Ideal Woman MUST HAVE” List:

  • Must have a healthy and fit body which delights
  • You must maintain loving relations with long term and close friends, and with your family.
  • You must love children, you meet the challenges with aplomb, intelligence, humor, wisdom…
  • You must be happy person, content with your own self.
  • To Keep up with me You must have an active and fertile mind, a by now you must have resolved the key issues of your character and life.
  • Financially secure
  • Well read
  • Well-traveled
  • Well spoken
  • Self Aware
  • Confident
  • Sensuous
  • Prefer one who reads New Yorker and NYtimes and has a
  • Predilection for high heels and miniskirts

This was followed by a swirl of clichés about little black dresses and glasses half -filled with something….

Grant called me – reported he had just created his “Dream Girl List “and gave it to me for comment.

And, I had a distinctive deja vu moment…

Earlier that day,I had been at a friend’s home and her eight-year-old daughter was ordering her first American Girl Doll. I quickly learned that this was an important rite of passage for little girls…

Eight-year-olds all over America  swoon over the American Girl Doll. The marketing magic behind this creation is nothing short of brilliant.   The magic?

For a mere $100.00+ a little girl is able to create the exact doll she dreams of – she can select the exact  hair color, the eye color, and the complexion – to match her own skin tone,   And then – (  for an  additional charge ) there are the myriad choices of very cute, must have clothes –   ka-ching!…. and <voila> instant gratification.

Hours later ,I reviewing Grant’s DREAM GIRL list – ironically, he, too, was looking for an American Doll…He insisted ‘his date’ must be his equal or better…

Good luck with that,pal.

Truth be Told 

Speaking to Grant about his requirements, his so-called standards –  I knew, when he grew tired of the blue eyed, blonde doll – he would probably aspire to the leggy red head with a propensity for Shakespeare, massage, Mensa, Latin, wisdom, Camus and double -crostics.

Is it necessary to make a “Must-have list?” Sure, if you throw in a dash of flexibility, a willingness to be open and  to compromise.


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