Mayhem – the very bad boy for Allstate Insurance


What is it about bad boys and Mayhem

that attract chicks like a magnet?

The Date Watchers are enamored with the infamous bad boy, Mayhem (DeanWinters)  on the Allstate television commercials.

They agree there’s something very sexy about the naughty Mayhem.  Hey, it’s quite a feat for somebody pretending to be raccoon to come off as sexy.

Insurance and Mayhem (actor Dean Winters,) have changed the way we think about insurance.

Allstate  is experiencing a much higher SEO and profile as a result of handsome Dean Winters: he’s roguish, he’s funny and wicked. Who are you going to call: Allstate or AAA?

Bad Boy Anthony Bourdain coming to town: he’s smug, smarmy and smart

Bad boy chef, author, TV celeb, Anthony Bourdain  is coming to San Francisco. He wrote a little book, called Kitchen Confidential about the underbelly of restaurants and kitchens in New York City. His first of many books, was a ‘confessional narrative and an industry commentary’ which skyrocketed to best seller status. Lights, camera, action and controversial Bourdain became legendary. Legions of women line up to see him at bookstores and special events. He’s haute.

james-stewart-675177__180Nice Guys Finish First?

Do women really like the bad boy- James Dean- image? Sure, we do – but most women would rather go home with Colin Firth then Colin Ferrell…we would rather leave the theater with Tom Hanks- the boy next door- than with Tom Cruise… or with James Taylor not James Bond.

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