Top 10 Worst Online Dating Photos

Don’t try this at home

 scott beale laughing squid

If you’re trying to decide which photograph to post for your online dating profile, think hard. There are some things one just doesn’t do – (i.e. No Selfies; don’t post a picture of you and your deceased spouse or ex-girlfriend.)

Paradoxically, in an age where online dating screams for “Truth in advertising” more and more people are hiding behind facades and faux paus.

Rule #1.  Do not post a bizarre picture of you as 

an attention-getting device


Top 10 Worst Online Profile Photos

  1. The “selfie” of you posing next to a Maserati – at the dealership. Contrived and shallow.
  2. You in a low-cut cocktail dress, peering over a martini.
  3. You wearing a teeny-weeny polka dot bikini (or Speedo) circa 1980. Historical. And, upon the first meeting – 20+ years later – a turn off.
  4. You holding a newborn baby. Really? Granny, is that the ‘I am interesting, single, fun and available.’ message you wish to convey?
  5. You in a group shot with  people who are far more attractive than you.medn of a
  6. You bundled up in ski clothes, goggles and hat or with your back to the camera – wearing a hat and waders, fishing: what’s the point?
  7. You in a family reunion picture. Boring. Keep the focus on you.
  8. You in the professional photo from company brochures, websites and ads. Tres dull.
  9. You posed with your kids with the title: “My two best friends.” Uh, no.
  10. You with your arm around an attractive person who could be perceived as “a date.”


(“Funny” is in the eye of the beholder)

Have a friend – a smart friend with ‘an eye’ for putting you in a good light – take a couple dozen photos of you – inside and outdoors – in a few different, flattering outfits. Select the three best photos and post them. Update your  photos- every few weeks – for more exposure and to keep in the game.

Update with a New Photo: When you are at a party, an event, a game -and looking fine – have someone take a picture of you. Heck, take six photographs and choose the best.  There you have an Update! Smile!


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