Where to go on the second date? Three ideas

                   You’ve done the first date dance. 

You met for coffee and checked one another out.

What is the next step?

Skip the dull

and trip

the light and fantastic

Skip the ‘same old movie-dinner date’ and take a leap – to a new level of fun and unusual way to getting to know one another on that second encounter.

#1. Hot November Idea:

Run – don’t walk to the  fascinating 1968 Exhibit at the the Oakland Museum.  Note Extended until November 25

You can tell more about a person in one hour at this exhibit – than you can in three dinner dates. Peace.

#2. Make Them Laugh

Check out Mill Valley’s Tuesday is Comedy Night at the Throckmorton  hosted by Mark Pitta and Friends. Pitta, a local legend, comedian, and classic boy-next-door-cute guy, hosts an evening of comedy.

Go up the street for a drink at Vasco – home of Marin’s most handsome and amiable bartender. Tell a friend.

#3. Going Batty? BATS Improv Theater Bay Area Theater Sports– at Fort Mason is a great place for a second date

Or, even a boy’s night out. Why can’t girl’s night out coincide with boy’s nights out? The world would be a happier place.

The BATS Improv group is comprised of a very talented, dynamic group of comedic actors. They sing, they play, and they make you laugh a lot.

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