Top 10 Places to meet and greet another 50 and single…

Here are the Top 10 Places to Encounter /Engage

in conversation with another “Single Person” this week end.

Wondering where the girls are… and Where the boys are?


1. At Litquake, at Fleet Week Happenings, at the famous and fabulous Mill Valley Film Festival, at a San Francisco Giant’s game – October is the most happening month of the year in the Bay Ara.

2. Get in line? At the Take Out Counter: Deli/ the bakery/ Philz Coffee, Starbucks, Walgreen’s/ Merry’s/ Mollie’s/ Trader Joe’s… Smile and Speak to another person.

3. Wine Stores – it’s where we go – looking for a Pinot Noir… and a bon soir.

4. The Library/ Bookstores – yes, it’s okay to talk in the library: speak, chat, flirt.

5. In that long long line at the Airport ( hey, even the short line) Say “hey” to another traveller.

6. Waiting for the Ferry (bus, jitney, metro, taxi, pedi-cab) Strike up a conversation? Why not? Start with “Good Morning…”

7. At the beach, at the Russian River, in Tilden Park, Golden Gate Park, Muir Woods, at the very end of Mountain Run, or beginning of the trail…Say “hi”… hey, “good morning”…

8. Dog Parks – every hour is “Yappy Hour” –  There are countless opportunities to encounter a kindred ‘must like dogs’ types.

9. Wine (Beer, Sake, Champagne) Tastings. See Rosenblum Cellars – a San Francisco ferry ride away –  this week end for a divine wine time.

10.Your Best Bet:  The Grocery Store – Safeway, The Market, Trader Joes’s, Rainbow, or Whole Foods. Okay, even Costco.   Start talking…


The Truth:  All the world is a stage and, you are a character.

Act like one- all you have to do is: say ( choose one) “Hey, hi, hello, good morning, excuse me, or, “hello handsome!”.….

Need a  pick me up or a pick up line?

Overheard at The Ferry Building, Saturday morning,

” Hey, you look like my next boyfriend.”

Bravo for putting it out there…gales of laughter are better than the sounds of silence.

What do you have to lose?   Get out there and Start Talking, already.

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