Top 10 Clues: you are in love

Tulip garden

       The Top 10 Classic Clues:

You are so ‘In Love’ when:


1. You’ve become bilingual in the language of love – lots of “sweetheart, babe, and darling” punctuate your sentences now.

2. It takes you 10 minutes to dress for work – and two hours to bathe and then put together the right shoes, outfit, accessories, scent, and fix your hair and prepare for a date with your paramour.

3. You smile way more than is humanly necessary – you just can’t help it.

4.. You scour The Pink Section  for local jazz and entertainment venues- looking for hot events.

5. The Joy of Cooking has been replaced with The Joy of Sex as your reference manual.

5. You defer to candle light dinners, fresh flowers, dancing before dinner.

7. Andrea Bocelli love songs – make you swoon – especially “Besame Mucho.”

8. You linger in the lingerie department – your imagination running a marathon of mischief. Fresh flowers, candles, and table settings have resurrected to a new level of appreciation in your world.

9. Your friends and coworkers comment that you’re constantly “In a good mood.”

10.You start reading poetry together and an enamored by Love Poems: Dickinson, Frost, Wordsworth

“Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”Robert Frost

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