Google him, check Yelp, Facebook, Linkedn- first

i-like-youicon-greatThis week brings questions about honesty and too much information. Send your online dating questions to

Dear Page Larkin,
I did it. I followed your directions and Googled the guy. Then I Yelped  him. Whoa! Then I deleted him.
Michael S. and I met on,and I was impressed that he was an attorney. In his second e-mail he told me he was a “Trail Attorney,” so I figured he worked for the Sierra Club, right? After a few e-mails he divulged his full name and I instantly Googled him only to find out he didn’t have the best reputation. Even more curious, I Yelped him only to find a long list of people are very mad at him for a lack of ethics. Finally, I deleted him. Thanks for giving me this formula. It worked for me. Google the guy!
Marilyn in the Mill Valley

Dear Marilyn,
Bravo! I’m glad you did the due diligence. It pays to be cautious. Good luck, stay in the game.
Peace, Page

Dear Page,
I just started dating a man (70) who is about 20 years older than me. He is a lot of fun and energetic and very wealthy. For Cinco de Mayo he asked me what I wanted and I told him an iPad. He bought me a heating pad. What should I say?
Patsy in Petaluma

Dear Patsy in Petaluma,
Say, thank you. And re-think what is so attractive about this new man in your life. Asking a brand new beau for an iPad might be construed as very greedy. Enjoy the heating pad – a cold shoulder might be coming your way.
Peace, Page

Dear Page,

Ken and I have been dating for three months. He says he is “in love”- I am enchanted. He is in Alaska for three-weeks fishing. Is it cheating if I go on the 7-day free deal and flirt around on Craigslist?

Barbie from Burlingame

Dear Barbie,

You owe it to Ken to tell him how you feel. If he is smitten and you are mildly entertained- this is not a match. The mere idea that you are looking for a new man in your life speaks volumes. Be honest with Ken, Barbie. Let him down, gently.

Peace, Page

Hey, Page Larkin,

How much information should I divulge on my new profile? I don’t want the world to know my private life.  I’m an engineer, not a writer. Help.

Reno Nevada

 Hey, Reno,

Keep it simple, succinct, and superfluous. Your online dating profile is an opportunity for you to talk about yourself, your interests, a little about your background and what you’re looking for. Yep, honesty is the best policy. There is no reason to divulge your exact address, birth date, income, and Social Security number. What you want to do is to present yourself accurately and attractively. Make sure you have current pictures posted. Have fun and enjoy the process.

Peace, Page

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