2012 April Fools! It is a laughing matter. Psst, you slip is showing

Laughter is the best medicine

Top Ten April Fools jokes, pranks and puns

April Fools Day: It’s the day of jokes, tricks, pranks, mischief, merriment and mayhem.

Pranks, tricks and jokes

Growing up, we couldn’t wait to play April Fools day pranks on our parents: especially the old salt in the sugar bowl trick. All four sisters waited for our parents to put teaspoons of sugar into their coffee and then blanch. There were myriad prank phone calls, air let out of bike tires, missing bookbags and skates.

We put shaving cream in cream puffs, Crisco in Oreos and told outrageously fast lies which were resolved by the staccato excuse: April Fools!

We became very suspect after the time our oldest sister made our school lunches consisting of pickles, sardines, bubblegum, and sauerkraut. She thought it was hysterical.  April Fools?

Do you have a prank that would warrant a listing onthe top 100 best hoaxes of the year?   The famous Spaghetti Tree has always been a favorite.

Down with Up

Charlene spied Hank  leading a group of revelers at the Transamerica building chanting, “No more chanting, no more chanting.” 200 people were dressed in crazy clothes and laughing as they paraded through downtown San Francisco. Charlene liked the guy with the colorful wig and gregarious nature. She siddled up next to Hank- the-reveller’s for the parade, they laughed, and the rest is history. That’s how they met and married 10 years ago. The two celebrate every April Fools’ Day by frolicking in the St. Stupid’s Day Parade.

It is a laughing matter

Sunday, San Francisco is the absolute Mecca for practical jokes, pranks, escapades, the absurd and outrageous. Assemble your most outlandish and wacky costume in preparation for the 34nd Annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade. Join the masses of practical jokers, clowns and pranksters at 12 noon at the Embarcadero and be prepared for the unique entertaining, sidesplitting, priceless event.

Don’t fall for these top ten pranks, puns, and gags

1.   Ohio State Buckeyes bow out of basketball brackets, Kansas Jayhawks (the new Angry Birds) say Buckeyes are nuts. Kansas wins March Madness

2.   New Angry Birds  game called,  “Bird-dropping Pink Slips”  or  “You’re Fired”

3.   Reduced to tears: Allstate’s Mayhem throws a chair at StateFarm’s Bobby Knight.
4.   Biscuit and Blues to add Earl Thomas and Blues Ambassadors to weekly line up.
5.  75th Anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge; Board gleefully announces new bridge toll: $1
6.  Amoeba Records on Haight Street – free giveaway: all Mel Torme, Liberace  tapes, records and CD’s- Sunday only
7.  April 1- Free Martinis Day at Doros, Vanessi’s and Paolis. Must show ID
10.Rick Santorum on Letterman sings new anthem, “Deo! Opus Dei-oh”
You’ll be glad you did.        Hey, your slip is showing. April Fools!

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