Veto Valentine’s Day: the Un-Valentine’s Day Party

20  ‘Single’  people met at Poggio’s in Sausalito

to celebrate Un-Valentine’s Day.

They came by ferry, by foot, by car and by bus  to join the other ‘First Responders’ to this column’s invitation

to candidly comment on the subliminal movement to Veto Valentines Day.

Ten men and ten  women …All were “over 50″, single, and had submitted their clever and candid observations,“My Anti-Valentine’s Viewpoint” in 50 words, or less.

Sweet, bittersweet and hilarious aptly summarizes the 20 Valentine short stories, jokes and observations e-mailed to this column.

Dennis D. sent in a witty limerick about love, ladies, and a layaway plan.

Candace X. penned a comical story about her blind date with a Robin Williams type. Marty recited a sweet poem he wrote in eighth grade about his broken heart.

Each Un-Valentine’s Day refugee was given a small black heart to pin on their sleeve.

photo_4426_20071211cherries-2Next, they were given a personalized name tag. 

The creative name tags with a two-word summary of their ‘Hearty’ story. There was Prints Charming, Fowl Weather, Tis Better 2, Knot Sweet, and the Lyin’ in Winter.                                                                                                 

Note to File: The  name tags acted as an icebreaker and a pretty successful flirting catalyst. 

As everyone shared their story, the laughter became somewhat heightened. (Read: raucous) The party was ushered to a more private area in the restaurant…

Later, some people broke off and walked to Tommy’s Wok or Ondines for a smaller soirées.

The consensus was that “The First Annual  Un-Valentine’s Day Celebration” was a great un-holiday and worth un-doing again.

Happy Hearts all around.

If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?
— Lily Tomlin


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