Got a “Worst First” Date? Take a number: Top 10

Top Ten

Worst First Dates

Everyday, readers send in stories about their Worst First Dates. Dating profiles sometime contain trumped up truths, flawed, fake and bogus claims. First dates turn into nightmares when fiction writers on dating sites embellish- or choose not to tell- the truth.

Big Time Top Ten ‘Worst First”

1.    You are so buff:He said he was a film buff; he revealed the naked truth: he’s a nudist. The Naked Truth? He thought the movie Buck was about Enron.

2.  Doggie Diner?   Her profile picture was of her in a Jaguar XKE. Cool. She drives everywhere with her dog in her lap, hanging out the window.  Her dog is her constant companion. 24/7. Buzz kill.

3.    Room with a view He said he lived in San Francisco in an avant-garde space; lives in a cargo container. With roommates.

4.   Photo Shopping Her picture was hot. Really hot. Two emails later, they met at the famed House of Coffee and he didn’t recognize her. Evidently, the picture was either very Photo-shopped, airbrushed, or over 10 years old.

5.    How neat! He went to her home to pick her up; the first clue were the two beat up cars in the front yard. There is no polite-term for the ‘dump’ she lived in. Pit Bulls were barking in the side yard. He said he left after five minutes claiming allergies. Shallow? The ‘total slob’ traits are a deal killer.

6.  Would it kilt you to laugh?  He said he loved eclectic clothing. He wears kilts-often. Deal breaker: his legs were better than yours.

7.    Eharmony said he was her best match. His profile picture was cute and they met for coffee. Turns out, they had nothing in common (he liked Rick Perry and Sarah Palin) then he revealed he raised mules -not just any mules – professional mules. Buzz kill 101.

8.      They connected on First, she was flattered by his calls and emails. Then she was  confused and  impressed; he drove 100 miles for the first date. Finally, she was shocked he thought (post long drive) he would spend the night. Good night, Irene!

9.   Cane and Not Able: She said she was 50, in shape, and liked hiking. On the first date they met at Muir Woods. He arrived with water, snacks and walking sticks, she came on a cane and was over 30 pounds heavier than her photo. Painful date? It was like walking the Appalachian Trail. In the dark. Blindfolded.

10.    Mr. Tall Dark Handsome, with a brand-new Porsche, said he was divorced and single. She was, too. On date number three, he laughingly admitted to have been married five times. He said he wasn’t afraid of commitment. Buh bye.

To Tell the Truth: Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Einstein

photo_21517_20120317 Telling the Truth?

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